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The influencer industry is still young but growing wildly! More and more creatives are turning to apps, blogs, and the other to share their opinions, their voice, and their creative vision, growing a once-was hobby into an incredibly successful career. And brands are increasingly recognizing the value influencers bring to their business goals. It’s a win-win that we love to see, and be part of, at G&G.

So Buckle up, Get ready,... [Insert your preferred “I can achieve anything” expression] because these courses were made to deliver!

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"Gush & Grow has changed my life. Seriously. I had no idea I could make a living doing what I love. They have helped me grow my account immensely. They're great at teaching me how to connect with my followers and brands to build authentic partnerships.”
Kelly Stumpe (@the_car_mom)

Each of these courses were built over months and months, some even up to a year, so that we could make sure we delivered quality educational content that would...

  • bring you loads of  value
  • save you  time (and a whole lot of missteps)
  • save you  dollars in the long-run

...without an overwhelming price tag!

For Influencers

We’ve created incredibly rich educational resources for influencers who might not be quite ready for talent management but are looking to elevate their campaigns, partnerships, and influencer game.


Creating Stellar Brand Campaigns

Learn how to make your brand campaigns top-notch so those one-time collaborations turn into repeat, long-term partnerships.


The Ultimate Instagram Engagement Guide

Practical strategies to increase your engagement so you can land more partnerships, better offers, and, ultimately, more followers.


For Brands

More brands—in all kinds of industries—are seeing the value and impact of partnering with influencers. Having a solid influencer marketing strategy can majorly elevate your business, from increasing brand awareness to exponentially driving more sales.

Our number one goal is to  serve our people. Let us know what you would like to see more of  and we just might add it as a course!