One-on-One Strategy Sessions for Brands

From “I don’t have a plan at all” (or one that’s working!) to a detailed, strategic influencer marketing strategy. I’m so excited to invest in time together to create an actionable strategy that delivers results. Partnering with influencers successfully can add tremendous value to your brand and impact to your business goals. There’s a way to do it right, though! And while some common truths exist no matter where you’re at in your businesses, knowing when, who, and how to partner with influencers makes all the difference.

This 60-minute strategy session will give you insight, clarity, direction, and actionable advice that you can start implementing next day.

What You Get

PDF custom influencer marketing strategy
2-week follow-up
Custom pitch template examples
Additional resources to support you in your journey

How It Works

  1. Schedule a time that works best for you
  2. You’ll get a confirmation email as well as a questionnaire to fill out to help me best prepare for our session
  3. We have our 60-minute strategy session
  4. Within 2 days of our session, I’ll send a recap email as well as all the custom deliverables
  5. I’ll check in with you 2 weeks later!

Your dollars matter to me. Your time matters to me. You’re a small business. If you’re investing, I want to make sure we pull out ALL THE STOPS!


"Austin provided insight into industry 'norms' for brand-influencer relationships, which was helpful for me to see where I stand and how strong my current offer is. I appreciated receiving specific feedback on my current strategy and how to tweak it for more success. The document provided after our session is full of valuable information that would have taken me hours to research on my own. I’m now better able to approach influencer relationships with confidence."
Kate Gaffney, @avrynco

Hi, I’m Austin.

I’m so excited to chat with you!... To hear more about your business, your goals, and strategize about how to make those goals a reality through influencer marketing. I'm the Founder of G&G but I'm also a talent manager. Every day I work with content creators and brands, creating successful campaigns that deliver results. I absolutely believe campaigns are both art and science, and that they should add value for everyone involved.