One-on-One Strategy Sessions for Influencers

By popular demand!...Join me for a 90-minute intensive one-on-one session where you'll gain clarity on how to increase your engagement, pitch to ideal brands, negotiate rate (or set rate!), create a successful campaign, turn collaborations into long-term partnerships, and much more...basically all the A's to your Q's!

This 90-minute strategy session will give you insight, clarity, direction, and actionable advice that you can start implementing next day.

What You Get

Custom plan to reach your business goals
2-week follow-up
Custom pitch template examples & media sheet template
Additional resources to support you in your journey

How It Works

  1. Schedule a time that works best for you
  2. You’ll get a confirmation email as well as a questionnaire to fill out to help me best prepare for our session
  3. We have our 90-minute strategy session
  4. Within 2 days of our session, I’ll send a recap email as well as all the custom deliverables
  5. I’ll check in with you 2 weeks later!

Your dollars matter to me. Your time matters to me. You’re a small business. If you’re investing, I want to make sure we pull out ALL THE STOPS!


"Gush & Grow is so much more than a talent management agency. They’re a partner in every sense of the word, and a valued one at that. Since we began working together, G&G has helped me quadruple my sponsorship revenue from last year. But most importantly, they’re a trusted advisor, creative sounding board, and have helped me set bigger goals for my brand and myself. I am so grateful to have them in my corner.”
Hitha Palepu (@hithapalepu)

Hi, I’m Austin.

I’m so excited to chat with you!... To hear more about you, your goals, and strategize about how to make those goals a reality. Every day I work with content creators and brands, creating successful campaigns that everyone is excited about. Whether you're just starting out or have been at this for a while and want to pick the brain of a talent manager...someone who's in the thick of it daily...I'd love to be that person for you.