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Introducing (drumroll please)...

How to Land Paid Brand Collaborations…

with confidence, integrity, and effectively
Paid Partnership Roadmap - FREE 3 Juicy Tips!

As talent managers, we’re in the thick of this industry. Every day, we’re pitching to brands, managing partnerships, negotiating
And now we’re dishing it all to help you do the same!

Because our mission is to help women WIN!

Tired of..?

  • Exchanging posts for product?
  • Feeling unsure about the best way to pitch yourself?
  • Wondering how to work with your favorite brands and who to reach out to?
  • Not knowing if you’re charging too much or too little?
  • Unsure of all the many ways you could work with brands and what value you bring?
  • Spinning your wheels figuring out how to turn your side hustle into a full-time career?
Yuck! This is absolutely zero fun.
Let us help you get off the struggle bus!

Imagine if...

  • You could land 5-figure brand partnerships
    Yes, it is totally and completely possible!
  • You knew exactly what your content is worth and how to negotiate with integrity
    no “ick” factor here!
  • You could confidently pitch yourself to brands
    No more writing an email 5 times before sending
  • You knew how to turn a gifted opportunity into a paid one? Seriously!
Mouth agape and jaw on the ground?
This course is for you!
Say no more.

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A self-paced course where you’ll learn everything you need to pitch yourself with confidence, know your value, land your dream brand collaboration, and be a stellar brand partner.

When you join, you will have lifetime access to ALL future updates to the core program.

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  • Exclusive 60 minute 1:1 bonus call with Austin that is fully tailored to YOU so you can accelerate your growth. $997
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“Gush & Grow is so much more than a talent management agency. They’re a partner in every sense of the word, and a valued one at that. Since we began working together, G&G has helped me quadruple my sponsorship revenue from last year. But most importantly, they’re a trusted advisor, creative sounding board, and have helped me set bigger goals for my brand and myself. I am so grateful to have them in my corner.”
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“As an influencer and blogger, partnering with Gush & Grow has been the best decision I have made. Not only are they successfully managing my brand partnerships, they have tripled my sponsored income. The G&G team has helped me with every aspect of my business, they have set attainable goals, and they are helping make my dreams come true!”
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“Gush & Grow has changed my life. Seriously. I had no idea I could make a living doing what I love. They have helped me grow my account immensely. They're great at teaching me how to connect with my followers and brands to build authentic partnerships.”
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The premiere self-paced course for landing your ideal brand partnerships

What’s Inside - 4 Modules full of strategies that deliver results

Course Outline

A high-level overview of the content you can expect to dive deep into

MODULE 1 The Industry & Key Players

  • Industry content, because context matters
  • A dissection of the key players, what to know & who to know
  • The #1 question you should be asking brands

MODULE 2 Your Value As A Brand Partner

  • What brands look for in a creator & what they really want from partnerships
  • The 10 different ways to partner with brands
  • Partnership KPIs that should matter to you

MODULE 3 Pitching Successfully to Brands

  • Level up your partnership outreach: The art & science of a successful pitch
    • Including 8 things to include in your pitches to set you up for an easy “yes”
  • How to turn a relationship into new business
  • Inbound pitching: Turning a product-only request into a paid one
  • Finding your brand contact
  • Includes templates to give you a strong jumpstart!
    • Plug & Play email pitches for you to tailor accordingly
    • Plug & Play media sheet that includes all the elements of a strong media sheet

MODULE 4 Setting Rates and Negotiating with Integrity

  • How to determine your rates (WITHOUT relying on Google searches!)
  • How to be a top-notch negotiator—with INTEGRITY
  • How to maintain good relationship with brands while negotiating
  • Includes:
    • Negotiation prompts
    • Rate matrix
    • Rate card template

Plus Bonuses. Because who doesn’t like bonuses!?

BONUS MODULE 1 How to Navigate Contracts & Why You Should Care

  • What’s in a partnership contract & do you need one?
  • Contract & negotiation red flags
  • What kind of partnership exclusivity makes sense?
  • Should a lawyer review your partnership contracts?

BONUS MODULE 2Turning A One-Time Collab into a Long-Term Partnership

  • The components of being a good partner
  • The Importance of post-partnership follow-up
  • How to nurture to make the long-term ask

BONUS MODULE 3When & Why to Say No to A Partnership

  • The framework we use to evaluate when to say no to a partnership
  • How to say no while preserving the brand relationship & why it matters

BONUS MODULE 4When to Hire A Manager and build out your team

  • The first role(s) you should think about hiring to build out your team
  • What you should look for in a manager & management agency
  • How to assess when it’s best for your business to build out your team
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About your instructor

Hi, I’m Austin!

I started Gush & Grow with $20 and at approximately 2AM during a nursing session with my (then)  five-month-old daughter. Since then, our agency has led over a thousand campaigns with top tier talent in the social space. Over the past many years, I’ve had numerous consultations with creators who weren’t quite ready for full-time management but were all asking the same questions…

  • How do I pitch?
  • What should my rate be?
  • How can I work with X brand?
  • What is the brand looking for?
  • How do I interpret this contract?
  • Can I charge [for this or that]?

At our core, our mission at Gush & Grow is helping women WIN. My dream for this course is that it helps as many women as possible do just that—WIN. I can’t wait to help you kickstart—or jumpstart—your partnership growth.

Once you enroll, please drop me a line and say “hi”! I’d love to officially welcome you to the G&G Fam!

Rooting for you!


Say no more.

The Course That Keeps On Giving

A one-time investment no-brainer!

We’ll make sure our course content stays fresh by updating it regularly. When we gain new insights, you better believe we’ll add it to the course and let you know when it’s updated.

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How it works

Choose the standard or VIP experience

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Enroll in the course

Once you've enrolled in the course you will receive a link to join the course platform, where you'll find modules (released weekly). If you've enrolled in VIP, you'll get specific instructions to schedule your 1:1 and how to begin email support for the next 4 weeks.

Start landing those $4-5k brand partnerships

Start the course! Our expectation is that by Module 3, you'll start implementing our strategies and insights, landing those paid brand partnerships!

Questions Before Joining

Q Do you offer payment plans?

A Yes! And we don’t charge extra for payment plans. You can select the monthly plan option at checkout.

Q What’s your refund policy?

A Due to the nature of this digital course I'm unable to offer refunds for any reason. When you checkout you'll have to accept the T&C's, which repeat that there are no refunds. If you're struggling, please send me an email and I'll be sure to help! Read the Terms and Conditions and Fulfillment Policy.

Q Who is the course NOT for?

A While I tried to make this course as robust as possible for all abilities and levels, this course is not for you if you have strong management representation who you are thrilled with and are not looking for other representation or to take the contents of this course in-house.

Q What’s the course format?

A The course is self-paced. This means you can decide when and where you want to work through all of the module content. We use the learning platform called Kajabi. Throughout the course, I will check in to see how you’re doing & offer you opportunities for additional support :).

Q When does the course begin?

A Shortly after you checkout, you’ll be emailed login details for the Kajabi course platform and can begin the modules!

Q I’m so busy! Will I have enough time to finish?

A I feel you! One of the reasons this course is self-paced is so that you can take it on your own timeframe. We made this course as clear, concise, and dense as possible so that you get exactly what you need to propel your business forward without the fluff. You’ll have lifetime access to the main course components so you truly can take all the time you need.

Q What if I get stuck during the course and have questions?

A We want to support you every step of the way! Email and we’ll get you unstuck!

Q Will I have 1:1 time with you?

A If you chose the VIP Package, then yes! You’ll get a 1:1 call with me as well as weeks of email support for that extra personalization, attention, and accountability.

Still on the fence?

I've had decision fatigue before too! Shoot me an email and I'd love to chat it our with you and make sure this is a good fit!

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